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Original SLABSAUCE The SUPERIOR Spray on Fish Attractant

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One Ounce SLABSAUCE "spray on" fish attractant in "All New" Plastic bottle.  Simply spray on your jig or crankbait.  Your bait stays slimy, and smelly to entice the bite so you can catch the big SLABs!  

Secret Formula utilizes no less than a dozen ingredients. Engineered to stick and stink!  Don't tell anyone your secret to catching fish is SLABSAUCE!  Well, maybe just tell your friends.

Ever smell your bag of plastic bait?  Replace that strong plastic smell with something that will actually attract fish.  Squirt a little SLABSAUCE in the bag and see what happens.

True story:  Fish do not like that plastic smell.  I had a bag of corn chips that had been around for a while.  They might have been four months old.  But I tried one, and they had that plastic smell and taste on them so I did not eat any more.  Yuck.  So I threw them off my sea wall.  I've thrown corn chips there before and the Red Ear would eat them up, real fast.  But the plastic smelling chips I threw out off the sea wall this time were not touched.  They were still there the next morning.  So I know you're gonna say we're fishing for Crappie, not Red Ear.  But the point is, fish can smell/taste, and will not eat plastic smelling baits.  So spray some SLABSAUCE on your bait and catch more Crappie, I guarantee.      

Scent developed in conjunction with the members of  Remember the old Slab Sauce we tested, and the Gewbers too.  It's the same "secret sauce" scent, only in a spray bottle.  No one else has this scent.  It's made exclusively by at headquarters.  

Field tested and "Billbob" approved.  This stuff WORK, it's "Liquid Gold, Texas Tea" just like in that Beverly Hillbillies song.

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